You know how it goes if the Astros are gonna score even ONE run

You know how it goes if the Astros are gonna score even ONE run, we need Bourn to get to first, steal second, steal third, come home on a grounder.So I was a little more than disgruntled and it wasn't ME pitching without having to worry about replica Bvlgari BZ22C4SL Ladie's watch any future run support.It had taken Bud Norris 21 pitches to get through the first, as he had gone to 3-2 on hitter.That boy has just GOT to work on not throwing pitches out of the zone as he does and it wasn't the ump screwing him, neither.Take the second inning he strikes out the first hitter, gives up a single to left to the next.

Unlike Baggy and Biggio, he stands up for his teammates to the media.Yes, that’s right remember the Melusky Mieske mess? Remember Baggy dissing Roy to the media in the August 04 Cubs game where Roy and Michael Barrett, um, disagreed?I sure do.Young replica Chopard 168920-3001 watch guys better kiss their rings and watch their backs.The old rookies are teh sukc -?style.In Spring Training, remember how Chris Burke was supposed to be our guaranteed starting CF as stated by both Garner and Purpura?

Cmon baby, he sez, I'll make it worth your while, it's HOT here, why watch them lose.It ain't hot and I'm not leaving.It's REAL important to never let your husband know he's right in them kinds of situations they get uppity…So we watch Jason Lane break an ofer, what, 30 or seems like it, with a single to left naturally nobody's on base.But Everett replica Rado R20383272 Ladie's watch and Ausmus GIDP.Wheeler gets 1,2,3 and Jason Lane makes a GREAT catch.He and Biggio really NEED to work out signals, by the way they almost collide twice and a ball drops between them that shoulda been caught.

Lance Berkman is the Astros team leader now that Bagwell is gone

Lance Berkman is the Astros team leader now that Bagwell is gone, the two Prima Donnas are gone and Biggio is at the end of his career.We all knew Berkman is a joker, a friendly guy who keeps the clubhouse loose.We all knew that in spite of his good ol boy persona, he’s really an intelligent guy who earned his college degree from Rice he replica Chopard 276145-0007 watch needed to complete 3 semesters to receive his degree at the time he was drafted and he did, getting his degree in Comparative Literature (jocks READ? who knew??)But now that he is The Leader, he is proving to be a standup guy, too.

Feliz Ks, Alou up (remember, he hasn't hit the ball real too well the lst 2 times up) but suddenly, Andy can't find the strike zone and Alou walks.Alfonzo up ball, foul off an outside pitch, ball, single on the next pitch guess he don't believe in taking.Deivi Cruz up ball, ball, called strike, swing at low and outside, ball, foul on replica Rado R13577902 watch another ball, ball high and walk to Mr.Free-Swinger.Husband and I are trying to figger if his motion is different or if he's trying to change his approach the third time thru the lineup I don't know him as well as I do Roy am just not sure… But then Grissom Ks on 4 pitches.

Matheny hits a looper to left Berkman doesn't get a good jump to run forward (I'm TELLING yall that Burke or Scott woulda had this ball for the last out), lets it drop, then bobbles it so both Alou and Alfonzo neither guy real too fast, mind, replica Rado R20281162 watch score.Giants ahead, 4-3.Yes, I know.there goes the ball game.Trainer goes out uh oh Andy threw, what 115 pitches 2 games ago and 108 last game and he just came off elbow surgery, but he stays in and gets the pitcher to GO.I'm thinkin that he actually looked pretty good pitching to the last 3 guys, maybe he might could be OK… I HOPE.Husband sez, cmon, lets go you KNOW they ain't coming back.They never do.Waste of breath and he knows it.

what doesn't happen.No suicide squeeze from Berkman with Taveras on third

A walk and 2 Ks later Andy's out of the inning..In the third, Taveras bunts his way on, steals second, steals third, Ensberg walks.Two on, one out, and you replica Rado Integral Platinum-tone Ceramic Men's watch what happens.I mean, what doesn't happen.No suicide squeeze from Berkman with Taveras on third, Lamb pops out.I notice that Hennessey is striking a lot of guys out on an outside slider.He looks pretty good.Well, then again, we make damm near any pitcher look good…In the 5th, same old story.Biggio puts us ahead with a home run.

Taveras Ks.Ensberg walks (note he is getting a LOT of shtt for trying to take pitches, get a pitch he can hit cuz he's getting a LOT of borderline called strikes.But at LEAST he's trying to have some patience and develop a good batting eye replica Rado Sintra Ceramic Diamond Midsize Ladie's watch instead of swinging at damm near everything, which is a LOT more than I can say for everyone else on this team…) Berkman walks, then with 2 on, Lamb is up and you know The Rest Of The Story.Can we hold a 1 run lead for 4 more innings?Sorry football score in baseball lovers this is actually exciting unlike those 14 -11 scores…It's the 6th Andy has thrown 61 pitches.

Mothers Day matchup is Wandy vs Doug Davis, the former Brewer, who we know quite well.So tomorrow, Mama and I are off to the ballgame to celebrate Mothers Day.Most all of the Astros hitters will be using pink bats to honor their own mothers and replica Chopard16 8912 watch remember that Brad Ausmus went 4 fer 4 with a homer last Mothers Day.Happy Mothers Day to all yall Mamis out there.And guys, remember to thank your Mamas and tell her you love her us grls will always be suckaz for that you know.Along with telling us I just want you to be happy.(Hint works with wives and girlfriends too)Oh, I almost forgot.You wanna know what I mean by “to LLLL” Lance, Lee, Luke, Lamb.Da New KiLLLLers….

a good idea cuz he's one of the few people on the team hitting and walking

I sez shaddup.Taveras, hitting .364 in the Box and less than my weight everywhere else, gets hisself out.Ensberg, hitting third (yes it IS a good idea cuz he's one of the few people on the team hitting and walking) hits his 4th HR, Berkman singles (Finally replica Rado R13333732 watch gets his average higher than my weight) then, with 1 out, it's the same old story.No hitting with MOB.Here we go again sez Husband.SHADDUP sez me.In the second, Andy Pettite needs 27 pitches to get out of the inning.Deivi Criz doubles and Matheny knocks him in with a single to center Taveras doesn't throw home.

Quintero has a VERY difficult time catching those nasty sliders he lets one go for a WP (ahem) and he loses one on strike 3, but finds it in time to throw the runner out.Quintero ALSO has trouble with Chad Qualls’ sliders, too.I haven’t really been replica Chopard 276151-0005 watch very impressed with anything about Quintero, except for the strength of his arm and the accuracy of his throws.I wonder how Woody Williams feels…But what is important is that the Astros win, Lamb’s bat compensated for his glove THIS time and Roy gets 6 on his march to his first Cy.

Astros get shut out for the 5th time this year and the Pads don't let the starter get his first career shutout, for some reason, don't ask me why, because he was cruising.Matt Latos, a rookie Padres pitcher, came into the game with an ERA of almost 5.The replica Bvlgari BB42WSLD Men's watch Astros are so bad, so dreadful so DEAD, that it must really REALLY do a whole lot for the confidence of the opposing pitcher.And he mowed the Astros down with 9 pitches in the first.


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The reporter hurries to bathhouse of beach of park of the lake austral Changchun to see, academician of several 10 winter swimming is being divided by 3 boats, with borrowed 1 magnify net salvages Deng Jizhao. Lake face wind is replica Longines L5.680.4.16.6 watch extremely big, rowing member against the wind helps the network extremely difficult to disembark. They look for a many meters 50 lengthy cord fasten to be on the net, pull by the individual on the bank. The very first net goes down, with out any results.

Traditional movementsWhile Gérald Genta is a brand famed for its daring approach to watch exteriors, it is nonetheless extremely respectful of traditional horology, as is confirmed by the superlative workmanship displayed in its replica Rado R13477152 Men's watch authentic Haute Horlogerie movements featuring a wealth of hand-crafted decoration and finishing. Among them are striking watches, which can be viewed as the last bastion of pure watch artistry.